From the Principal’s desk :


” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
                                                    ~ NELSON MANDELA
We envision a school culture where innovative ideas meet and materialize .We work towards providing an ambience where all students strive for academic excellence and  where children are taught how to think , not what to think.
We celebrate the teachers who create an atmosphere where students look forward to learning , where you hear laughter coming from the classrooms, and where students feel challenged but not overwhelmed.
We believe that success is a journey , not the destination. We must learn to be successful in our numerous, small , everyday objectives.When we are successful in our endeavours, being successful becomes a habit.We are then on the road to achieving success for the larger good .
We expect to build a sensitive learning environment in the campus. Senstivity, together with adherence to social norms, can bring about a positive change in the social fabric of our nation and propel us further on the path of a progressive society.
Richa Sharma
APS Kamptee
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